Noticias de espinar conflicto por xstrata tintaya

The Antapaccay copper mine, owned by the Swiss group Glencore, one of the largest human resources exploiters in the world, will do a thorough investigation and punish the perpetrators of the acts of violence against a group of indigenous women in the town of Espinar, Cuzco region.

On the 29th of December of 2018, a large group of security agents of the company Liderman, which belongs to the American investment multinational The Carlyle Group, sheltered Antapaccay workers in a land removal operation for mining purposes with heavy machinery.

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Indigenous women, some accompanied by their children, tried to prevent the mine workers from advancing, but were beaten senseless and thrown to the ground by Liderman's agents armed with helmets and shields. Liderman provides security services to Antapaccay, of the Glencore group.

According to photographs and videos from local reporters, Antapaccay security agents exerted extreme force against the peasant women who claimed that the land had belonged to them for many years.

The victims have reported the facts before the Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Espinar, Cuzco, and have indicated with names and surnames of Antapaccay officials and employees as being responsible for the acts of violence.

Among the accusers against Antapaccay are the indigenous Francisca Umasi Ihui and Vidal Coaquira Umasi.

Glencore, owner of Antapaccay, and The Carlyle Group, owner of Liderman, have rigorous Codes of Conduct that prohibit their officials and employees from adopting aggressive behaviors with the inhabitants of the surrounding area and would rather come to a peaceful consensus with the aforementioned.

Due to the publication by the newspaper La República of new videos and photographs demonstrating the violence of Liderman's agents towards the indigenous women, Antapaccay have issued a statement lamenting the events and announced that it will investigate the incident.

"If the results of the investigation indicate that the reaction of someone from our team was not in accordance with our Code of Conduct or our security and human rights policies, the pertinent measures will be taken," said Anatapaccay, one of the largest Glencore investments in Peru.

Por protestas. Fiscal Ley Tokumori sostiene que alcalde Óscar Mollohuanca y dirigentes de Espinar cometieron delitos de atentado contra la seguridad, disturbios, apología del delito, etc. Acusados señalan que acusación es venganza de gobierno.Cusco